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7 Must-Know Maintenance Tips For A Long-Lasting Garage Floor

Updated: Jan 15

You’ve installed a concrete floor in your garage, and like many owners, you want it to last.

While concrete floors are very durable, they require a simple cleaning and maintenance regimen to prevent them from deteriorating.

Don’t know how to maintain your concrete floor? Not to worry. As a pro garage floor contractor, we’ve compiled these simple tips for you.

New Epoxy Surfacing

1. Sweep the Floors

Regularly sweeping your garage floor every few months is the simplest thing you can do to keep it free from dust and dirt. Use a wide push broom as it covers a wide area and makes your sweeping faster. Before sweeping, make sure you take out every item in the garage to ensure no out-of-sight places.

2. Deep Clean the Floor

After sweeping and removing debris, you can do a more thorough cleaning. Get a bucket, garden hose, deck brush, and make a cleaning solution of baking soda, dish soap, and laundry detergent. Use these materials to scrub the floor.

Alternatively, walk into a store and purchase a garage floor cleaner. Pour it on the floor and let it sit for some minutes, then scrub. Once you’re satisfied with the result, rinse thoroughly using a hose and water.

3. Remove Oil Stains

Oil stains can be very stubborn and can remain despite heavy scrubbing. If you notice oil or grease stains, apply a concentrated degreaser and let it sit on the stain for close to one hour. Then vigorously scrub and rinse with water.

If it’s an oil spill, use sawdust to absorb the excess oil, dispose of it, before applying the degreaser.

4. Remove Rust Stains

Rust stains are more difficult to remove than ordinary dirt and dust. Get trisodium phosphate (TSP) or oxalic acid and mix with water as instructed. Pour it over the stain and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then scrub vigorously and rinse with water. If you prefer an organic method, use vinegar or lemon, and then scrub.

5. Fill Small Cracks

Are there cracks in your garage floors? You can fill them yourself. But first, check for any loose edges. Using a hammer and a chisel, break the loose materials and remove the debris using a shop vac.

After the crack is clean, fill it with epoxy using a putty knife. Scrape away excess epoxy and smooth it over with a trowel. If the cracks are large or you don’t think you can do a good job, invite a garage floor contractor to help out.

6. Apply Floor Coating

To improve the longevity of your garage floor, apply floor coating. Installing a floor coating will also improve its appearance, prevent cracks and stains, and make it easier to maintain.

For example, using Roll On Rock ensures your garage floor is resistant to gas, brake fluid, oil, and other damaging materials. This made-in-America coating system also comes with a no-peel lifetime guarantee.

In addition, it is available in different colors and designs to enable you to have customized garage flooring. You can hire a garage floor contractor near me to discuss your options.

7. Commit to Frequent Upkeep

Epoxy Garage Floor

Ignoring your garage flooring is a recipe for costly repairs. While you don’t need to deep-clean it regularly, routinely sweeping it and scrubbing stains as soon as they occur will ensure it stays in top condition.

Does your garage floor have stains, scrapes, cracks, and holes? Do you need help with a long-lasting upgrade that puts a permanent end to these issues? Contact the professional garage floor contractor at Pro Garage Coating to install a functional and beautiful floor coating customized for your garage.

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