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Epoxy Floor Coating Services in Boston

When it comes to quality epoxy floor coating, there's one name that always delivers! Get a durable and great looking floor with the help of Pro Garage Coating. Epoxy coating is great for garages, basements, patios and more!  

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Epoxy Floor Coating FAQ

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Our Epoxy Floor Coating Expertise

Excellent service, competitive pricing, FREE estimates, FREE crack repairs, and so much more! Only Pro Garage Coating can offer all this and maintain top-ratings on HomeAdvisor. With over 30 years of concrete experience backing our work, we have been dominating the epoxy floor coating scene in Lynn, MA and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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"Pro Garage just finished my basement floor and I could not be happier and at half the price of the local franchise."

Bob A | 12/26/2019