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The Biggest Myths and Misconceived Notions About Epoxy Coatings

Updated: Jan 15

Covering a concrete or cement floor with epoxy will dramatically change the look and feel of the room.

Leaving a concrete floor neglected might cause staining and crack, making for a distasteful look in your home. Additionally, this can pose a threat to a person's safety and well-being in the house.

You may extend the life of this concrete finish with epoxy. A huge perk is that minimal care is necessary after installing the epoxy.

Due to the several false tales and rumors some folks have heard, they tend to shun epoxy. To dispel some common myths, you may have heard, continue reading.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy and Paint Both Get You the Same Results

Although a well-placed epoxy coating can initially appear to resemble paint, these two chemicals are not interchangeable. Painting the concrete/cement floor will not provide any protection. It's also not resistant to wear and tear or discoloration.

Epoxy adheres to concrete and creates an impermeable and durable finish that can survive the test of time for several decades.

Epoxy Installation Is Impossible on a Budget

Most individuals assume that epoxy is too expensive because of its long-lasting properties.

This really isn't the reality at all. Longevity and economy go hand in hand when it comes to epoxy coatings.

Epoxy is a worthwhile choice compared to other common coatings and the upkeep and fixes that are typically required.

You'll spend more money on maintenance and repairs with time if you go for a less expensive flooring option.

It Is Possible to Install Epoxy by Yourself

Epoxy floor installation kits are available for self-purchase. Nevertheless, the goods offered in such kits are usually of a far lesser value than those used by professionals.

A well-prepped surface is essential to ensuring that the cementitious adhesive adheres effectively. Poor installation of epoxy might result in a variety of problems in the future if you don't have the required expertise or gear.

Installing Epoxy on Any Surface Is Possible

Epoxy coatings are long-lasting and very functional. Unfortunately, they cannot form a strong relationship without a stable base. A floor with floor adhesion properties is highly unsuitable for epoxy coating.

Epoxy cannot be installed on wooden floors, for example. Wood's stickiness and structural rigidity aren't strong enough to retain the epoxy coating.

Temperature fluctuations and moisture can cause wooden floors to expand or contract a lot. Epoxy resins will crack or peel if subjected to such motion.

For epoxy floors to adhere well and create a flawless surface, they need a strong base like cement/concrete.

Reinstalling Epoxy Surfaces Regularly Is Essential

This myth only persists since most individuals either utilize DIY products or don't engage experts.

Epoxy installation necessitates the services of a professional who is well-versed in the proper mixing of ingredients, surface preparation, and epoxy application techniques.

A poor finish may result from a DIY which may necessitate a new coat of paint. When installed by a specialist, epoxy coatings can persist for decades or even centuries.

Epoxy Coatings: Are They the Right Choice for You?

It's important to note that epoxy coatings aren't suited for everybody and every place, but they're also a highly versatile alternative that really can give the longevity you're aiming for.

This is, however, something you cannot do yourself, as previously noted. It's best to leave epoxy flooring installation to the experts to ensure you receive the outcomes you seek.

Getting the outcomes you want is easy when you have the help of experts on your side.

Pro Garage Coating is the best solution around Boston and its environs for your epoxy installations. Contact us today!

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