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Boston MA Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy’s popularity has soared over the years, all due to its incredible benefits. Versatile, epoxy flooring adds a distinct difference to factories, offices, garages, pergolas, kitchens, decks, and patios.

With its varying design and style options, epoxy flooring is ideal for various uses, from commercial to residential applications. For your Boston Ma epoxy flooring, from metallic epoxy to solid epoxy and chip coating, let Pro Garage Coating handle it!

Top-Rated Epoxy Contractor in Boston MA

Pro Garage Coating is a licensed and insured epoxy contractor offering a wide range of quality and affordable epoxy flooring services in Ma, Boston. We provide services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in and around Massachusetts. 

Our solutions offer the latest in epoxy technology, giving you stain protection, water resistance, a beautiful finish, and more. Avoid improper installations that could cause permanent damage to your flooring. Work with the expert that gets the job right the first time without any fuss.

Commercial Boston MA Epoxy Flooring

Manage a medical, automotive, manufacturing, or retail facility? Let’s provide a superior epoxy flooring solution at affordable rates. With experience installing high-performance coating in various commercial facilities, we’ll install the right option suitable for your hospital, restaurant, school, hotel, and grocery store needs.

Residential Boston Epoxy Flooring

Beautify your home and make your outdoor spaces look incredible for years to come with professional residential epoxy flooring in Ma, Boston. With various styles for your garage, basement, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor living spaces, you can have flooring that looks gorgeous and withstand the elements.

Standout with Pro Garage Coating’s Epoxy Flooring


The experts at Pro Garage Coating will install your epoxy flooring completely customized for your home’s interior. Whether you’re looking to transform your old garage or want something durable and affordable for your business, we’ll match your needs.


Non-toxic, our epoxy solutions are 100% safe for use. When you install your Boston, Ma epoxy flooring, you can rest assured knowing that there’ll be no toxic odors that can jeopardize the health of you, your family, and your employees.

Resistant to UV

The sun fading your flooring? Your once beautiful flooring is now a shadow of itself? Gone are those days. Our epoxy flooring is high-quality, and you never have to bother about the sun fading it.


Investing in high-quality flooring comes with a lot of benefits. With our solution, you get flooring that’s many times better than concrete and other epoxy options. Highly durable, our product will ensure you don’t have to replace your flooring anytime soon.


Contaminants and other microorganisms must be kept at bay in hospitals, food manufacturing factories, and pharmaceutical centers. Epoxy flooring forms a shield, preventing the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Installing the Flooring You Deserve

Need a beautiful Boston Ma epoxy flooring installed in your residential or commercial property? Talk to us today about your needs. We have the solutions and the system to give you the long-lasting, glossy finish you deserve. Contact us today!

Boston Epoxy Flooring




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